Power Balloon Car Toy -Price 1799+200 Delivery Charges

4,000 1,999

Delivery Charges Rs.200/-
CREATIVE & EDUCATIONAL Balloon Toy Set! Powered Balloon Car + Balloon Launch Tower, 2 in 1 Toy!

Are you looking for a toy that will blow your child’s mind with SO MUCH FUN and will keep your kid-focused and interested for a LONG TIME?

Are you bored of everyday toys from which children have no BENEFITS?
Would you like to have TIME FOR YOURSELF while your kid is focused and spending their time WELL?
Scientific Fun – Keep kids entertained for hours! Using science, watch the car zoom across the floor or the astronaut fly high by using just balloons.

Package includes:

1 X Balloon launch tower
2 X Powered Balloon Car
8 X Durable Balloon (Random Color)


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